After years of research and development, Oriental Heritage Herbalists has become the top supplier for high quality herbal raw materials in Thailand. The outcome of this premium grade herb was founded by Sompoch Tubcharoen; a professor at Kasetsart University who was researching the Pueraria Mirifica species. Through 20 years of hard work he created and cultivated the Sardi 190 type of Pueraria Mirifica, the only kind of the herb to be cultivated for producing more roots and a higher level of phytoestrogen. After seeing the importance of such herb, it became obvious that it would be highly regarded not just in Thailand but overseas too. We hope to keep developing this invaluable special type of herb and continue to be the top supplier for herbal raw materials within Thailand.

Our Goal:

Through extensive research and studies on herbs and their unique properties, we can provide the most suitable species of herb for each of our customers needs. We focus on each different species and the different amount of active compounds each one contains, while other suppliers often ignore this fact. We make sure that each of our products is of the highest possible standard; having spent years of research to make sure our final product is of utmost quality. As the astounding properties of our herbs are still relatively unknown within the general community, we hope to increase awareness of our products so that people can rely on these potent herbs as a natural option to promote youthfulness and health.

Our Specialized Farm:

Each step of the cultivation process of Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica has been decided from extensive research on its optimal growth conditions. We found one of the most important factors in the growth of the herb was to place it in a controlled farming environment in order to achieve optimal conditions for its growth, instead of planting it in the forest. Our farms soil is enriched with minerals high in nutrients, allowing the herb to grow without needing the addition of chemical products. Through testing and quality control we make sure the soil fertility is at optimal level for cultivation of each particular herb. Along with controlling and testing at each step of the process, we also test each batch of raw materials thoroughly before it is sent to customers. Along with Pueraria Mirifica, our farms are also perfect for growing Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua), a herb popular with men for its effects on rejuvenation and sexual vigor. This natural herb enhances the male libido and improves sexual stamina due to its high amount of flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides, which help to produce more testosterone. Our team of researchers at Oriental Heritage Herbalists strives to perfect every batch of raw materials and make sure our cultivation and rigorous testing processes create the perfect product for our customers.

The Best Raw Materials Supplier in Thailand:

Currently viewed as the leading provider of herbal raw materials in Thailand, we at Oriental Heritage Herbalists are highly regarded as both supplier and exporter, ensuring our products are of the highest quality possible. After extensive research and experience our products such as Sardi 190 are classed as premium grade materials containing the highest amount of estrogenic compounds and nutrients. We cultivate each individual herb in a farm specially designed for each product in order to increase quality, enhance their outstanding properties and prevent any possible contamination or impairment in the herb. We control each step of the production process of our raw materials and test each batch thoroughly in order to make sure our final product is of the best possible quality. As the number one supplier of herbal materials in Thailand, you can rely on us for a high quality product in every order you make.

Pueraria Mirifica Raw Materials:

Pueraria Mirifica has the rich source of active compounds that you can use for manufacturing purposes. Whether you produce food supplements or use Pueraria Mirifica as an active ingredient in formulas that you designed, this herb has powerful benefits for both men and women that extend beyond the obvious positive health effects. For hundreds of years, people have used Pueraria Mirifica for its skin rejuvenating effects that stimulate collagen and repair damage caused by the aging process. Currently we have 4 types of Pueraria Mirifica raw materials for different needs in personal and manufacturing purposes.

Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica Raw Materials:

We have found that controlling the specific environment for the plant leads to a higher quality product with optimal levels of phytoestrogens and nutrients. Our farm is the product of years of research into ideal conditions and quality control. For this reason and more we are classed as the number one company in Thailand for supplying this special type of Pueraria Mirifica. Our highly potent product is suited for both manufacturing and personal use and its astounding health and youth promoting properties are highly effective for both men and women. Currently we have 4 types of Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica raw materials for different needs in personal and manufacturing purposes.

Butea Superba Raw Materials:

We use specialized technology and a high standard of quality control to grow our Butea Superba to its highest potential. Our specially designed farm allows for us to monitor the plant in each step of its cultivation, making sure and testing that each batch is of the highest standard before sending to customers. Our thorough control process allows the herb to be enriched in a high amount of flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides, which increases virility and is an especially great supplement for men’s health. At present we have 4 different Butea Superba raw materials for different needs in personal and manufacturing uses.

Eurycoma Longifolia Raw Materials:

Eurycoma Longifolia is a single-stemmed slow growing tree of the rainforests of Southeast Asia. It is used throughout the region as herbal medicine and tonic. The chemical ingredients have been chemically profiled; hence it is possible to chemically screen plants for genotypes of high quality. The active ingredients are concentrated in taproot. It has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries in Southeast Asia to promote well-being, improve health, increase strength, and increase libido in men. Today it is increasingly being used as a natural, gentle and effective alternative to sex-enhancing drugs, and is often included in soft drinks, coffee and tea as an overall health enhancer. At present we have 2 different Eurycoma Longifolia raw materials for different needs in personal and manufacturing uses.

Professional in Raw Materials Export:

After 10 years of professional experience exporting raw materials, we at Oriental Heritage Herbalists understand all aspects of supporting customers with importing products. For us supporting the customer’s needs comes first and it is our pleasure to help out customers with any import matters such as the different requirements of customs authorities in each country. We understand that often different countries require different documents for the process and can provide the appropriate certification to make sure the import process for each customer goes as smoothly as possible. If customers have any further specific needs, our customer service officers and sales team are always on hand to help out. If any advice is needed, please don’t hesitate to contact us at cs@sardi-190-pueraria-mirifica.com

Supporting Documents for the Export of Raw Materials:

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

This document contains details of the manufacturer, product information and test results of the raw materials to certify that the plant product is high in quality and purity.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The MSDS contains information on potential hazards and how to properly deal with the chemical products. Along with this it also contains information on the usage, storage, handling, and emergency procedures related to the hazards of this material, ensuring your safety.

Manufacturing Process

Each step in producing our raw materials are listed in this document allowing our customers to understand the unique process we use to produce our raw materials.

Specification Sheet

Here you can find specific information of the raw material such as appearance, part of the plant used, extraction ratio, solvent and storage conditions.

SGS Testing Report

This report is certified by SGS Thailand Limited to confirm that the raw material meets quality standards and is safe for exporting. Customers can request this kind of testing from us and we will help support any needs with the service of local testing.

Ordinary Certificate of Origin

This is the certificate of product origin that confirms it is made from local materials and is produced in Thailand.

Certificate of Origin Form A

The Certificate of Origin Form A is issued for goods eligible for preferential import tariffs under GSP schemes granted by many country groups such as the EU, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, and Norway, etc.

Certificate of Free Sale

This certificate shows that the products can be sold freely in the country and are approved for exporting. It contains information about the product and manufacturer which is issued by the Food and Drug Administration.


This is a report showing the testing of active compounds in the raw materials by a specific High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method. This enables us to see the potential in each herb and we can then manage the appropriate quality control to make sure that the raw materials are of the highest quality.

Phytosanitary Certificate

Phytosanitary Certificate
Through this certificate we can confirm that our raw materials meet specified phytosanitary import requirements. This document is issued by Thailand Department of Agriculture.

Certificate of Origin Form FTA

This is a preferential certificate of origin for the buyers’ benefit. Certificate of Origin Form FTA allows buyers to claim preferential tariff arrangements when importing the products. The FTAs can have different names depending on the import country as below:

Certificate of Origin Form D is issued for goods eligible for preferential import tariffs under the CEPT (Common Effective Preferential Tariff) scheme for ASEAN countries including Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

Certificate of Origin Form E is issued for goods eligible for preferential import tariffs under the ASEAN-China FTA.

Certificate of Origin Form Ais issued for goods eligible for preferential import tariffs under the ASEAN-Japan CEP.
Customers can request these certificates from us to help them gain more benefits and complete all processes faster. However, you can also inform us immediately if there are any specific documents you require for the import process. We will try our best to support and accommodate any needs you may have.

Please click here to see a list of our certificates: https://sardi-190-pueraria-mirifica.com/certificate

Exceptional Customer Service

For us at Oriental Heritage Herbalists, customer service is of utmost importance. We strive to offer the best service possible and take pride in keeping a great relationship with all our customers. Our customer service team has a wide knowledge of all our products and services and is happy to help out customers with anything such as information regarding our raw materials or any overseas business matters. If any help is needed during the import process such as document certification, our team is always on hand to help out as soon as possible. Customers can contact us through all communication channels such as by phone, email and social media. It is our pleasure to make sure each of our customer’s business transactions goes as smoothly as possible.

Free Delivery

It is our pleasure to offer all our clients free shipping while buying products at Oriental Heritage Herbalists. We hope that by offering this service you can focus on having a pleasant and smooth experience with no need to worry about organizing and paying for shipping costs. Without this extra hassle, customers can focus their time and money on other important import matters. Our free shipping service is available to all our customers and all order quantities.

High Quality Standards and Safety Control

After numerous years of research and experience with producing herbal raw materials, we can ensure every step of the production process meets a high level of quality and safety control. Through the controlled environment each herb grows in, we can control all possible factors that may affect the quality of the raw material leading to a consistently premium grade product. Each batch is tested thoroughly to ensure that every customer receives a product at the highest possible quality and has no defects.

Premium Grade Raw Materials

Customers who purchase our products can rest assured they are getting the highest quality of raw materials available on the market. Unlike most other similar products that are harvested from the forest, our raw materials are carefully monitored and tested at all stages of the cultivation process to make sure they are growing at perfect conditions. We use advanced agricultural technology, scientific testing and a high standard of quality control to make sure our raw materials are the best we can produce. This results in a product higher in active compounds and nutrients creating the highest grade of raw materials.