Premium Grade Butea Superba


Oriental Heritage Herbalists’s Butea Superba we distribute is of the highest quality. This natural supplement contains high amounts of flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides, which may help stimulate testosterone production. Consumers can be assured of its efficacy because of the high standards of quality control in the production environment. Techniques used to ensure quality include specialized cultivation techniques and rigorous scientific testing using specialized technology, both before and after the extraction and concentration of active ingredients. These highly controlled processes result in premium grade materials and high concentrations of active ingredients.


Butea Superba, also known as Red Kwao Krua, is an herb traditionally used by Thais for its aphrodisiac qualities. Being rich in phytoandrogens like flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides, the herb is especially suited for and used extensively for increasing virility in males. The substances in Butea Superba can induce arterial dilation, especially in the penile area, because of effects similar to male hormones, thus promoting more intense and longer erections. Taking the herb in the extract form is preferred over consuming the herb directly.


Butea Superba can either be taken orally or used topically. When taken orally, capsules of the powdered form of the herb can be taken either on an empty stomach or with food or beverage. For topical application, a liquid form of the extract is used in the production process. Both methods are able to effectively improve the quality of erections, increase sexual vigor, and boost sexual desire. Butea Superba is the answer for those who want the effects of Viagra but prefer natural remedies over pharmacological ones.



Our Goal:

We aim to provide a form of Butea Superba that is the best. We believe that by supplying the highest quality product, we can encourage wider use of this herb with amazing potential for boosting men’s sexual health and wellbeing. We spent significant time studying this traditional herbal remedy before we began farming it, and we are happy to respond to the high demand for quality production of Butea Superba.


Our Specialized Farm:

Our land is rich in nutrients and minerals, making it the perfect farm land for cultivating Butea Superba, and our status as a leading herbal products producer gives us the experience necessary to grow the herb without the use of hazardous chemicals. Specific farming techniques, soil testing, and cultivation of the plant are used to keep the highest quality.


Scientific Test on Butea Superba:



We perform lab testing on every lot of our Butea Superba, including tests for microorganisms, pesticides, heavy metals, the level of active compounds, and nutrition information in order to affirm that our product is safe and effective for use. Some details of the testing include:


● Microorganism

This report demonstrates that our Butea Superba is free from any contaminants or toxins such as Coliforms and Salmonella. Yeasts and molds are at commonly accepted levels. All the listed compounds have been shown to be safe for human consumption.

● ActivatedCompounds

We use HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), a special technique for detecting Flavonoids and Flavonoid Glycosides, the active compounds in Butea Superba, among others. The results of our tests in this section demonstrate that our Butea Superba is of the finest quality and has high levels of the compounds that our customers want.

● Insecticides

This report shows the absence of pesticides in our product. Many pesticides are harmful to human and animal health, and they have a significant effect on the environment. We will not allow pesticides to affect the quality of our Butea Superba and are committed to making a product that is safe for long-term use.

● Nutrients

While other suppliers ignore this important information, the nutritional testing is required in many industries for good reason. To show our commitment to quality, we also test for nutrient content in Butea Superba. The information here shows customers that this herb is full of essential nutrients, necessary for good health. Our customers can be sure of the product’s quality, and that our product has outstanding ingredients.

● Heavy Metals

Every lot of our Butea Superba is tested to ensure that the product meets our exacting standards and is safe for our customers. Heavy metals are a significant concern for our customers, so we guarantee the product’s safety for human consumption.

Our Premium Grade Butea Superba Products:

We offer 4 types of Butea Superba products for varying uses and needs, both personal and in manufacturing:


100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade)

The most genuine powder of Butea Superba is 100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade). The huge amounts of active compounds, for example flavonoids, are found in this powder. It can be used in the production of food supplements or added to other substances depending on the formula.

Butea Superba Powder Mixed with Thai Traditional Herbs (Premium Grade)

The powder form of Butea Superba mixed with other health-supporting herbs is the Premium Grade quality that delivers proven therapeutic benefits for health purpose. It is for filling into capsules as herbal formula or food supplements.

Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration)

The liquid extract from Butea Superba is called Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration). The huge amounts of active compounds, for example flavonoids, are found in this liquid. It can be added to other substances depending on the formula.

Butea Superba Sliced Sheet (Premium Grade)

The fineness sliced sheet of Butea Superba is Butea Superba Sliced Sheet (Premium Grade). The huge amounts of active compounds, for example flavonoids, are found in these sheets. It can be used in the production of food supplements or added to other substances depending on the formula.


Butea SuperbaBenefits:

Butea Superba provides many benefits. It is famous for helping enhance male sexual performance. The reason is that it contains the Phytoandrogenic substances, which is similar to androgenic effects, leading to vasodilation and increased blood flow. More blood circulates to the penis that leads to vigorous erections. Blood circulation improvement is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction. Stressed or andropausal men have lower sexual libido, which Butea Superba can boost. Moreover, it also enhances a stronger orgasm for a more enjoyable sexual experience.

Butea Superba also supports heart health and bone density. Owning to the huge amount of flavonoids, which can access cardiovascular system for balancing the cholesterol and hormone levels, is found in Butea Superba, many heart problems can be relieved or cured. Besides, aging leads to bones with less density. Some may even encounter with osteoporosis. Butea Superba can improve bone density and strengthen bone through its phytonutrients.

Fatigue reduction, energy enhancement, hair care, the promotion of anti-carcinogenic activity, etc. can be treated with Butea Superba.


Dosageof Butea Superba:

The recommended dosage for Butea Superba generally falls between 100-1000 mg per day, with a suggested baseline of 10 mg per day per kg of body weight for sexual enhancement, not exceeding the maximum recommended dose of 1000 mg per day. Exceeding the maximum recommended daily dose may result in undesired side effects such as dizziness or heart palpitations. For an example of dosage, an average male weighing 70 kg should consume 700 mg per day. Our clinical trial suggests that new users should begin with 200 mg per day, and gradually increase the dosage to a level that meets their needs. This final dosage may be 400 mg per day for general health or 800 mg per day for the maximum result on male potency and libido. Dosages that result in severe adverse effects should immediately be halted.


Research about Butea Superba:

As Butea Superba is originated and is widely used across Asia, there are more researches done in that area, both on animals and humans subjects. Human research worth highlighting includes research published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2003 by Thai researchers, which was carried out on volunteers with erectile dysfunction between the ages of 30 and 70. The results of this study confirmed what Asians have known for centuries — that Butea Superba supports erectile health, with more than 80% of the patients reporting improved erectile function after three months of treatment. Other studies also support Butea Superba for sexual enhancement, boosting libido, and improvement of orgasm. These findings can be used as reference in future studies or for productions of treatments or medications for those with ED or other sexual problems.


Butea SuperbaSide Effects:

Butea Superba’s side effects are very mild, temporary conditions, such as a flushed face from extra blood circulation when consumers take higher doses. In rare cases, consumers may have an allergic reaction to the herb, especially in new users or young males, who may experience mild heart palpitation. Initially, we recommend starting at a lower dose and consulting a healthcare professional before taking any new product, especially when taking Butea Superba with any medications. Butea Superba is a far cheaper and safer choice than Viagra. The herb is strongly not recommended for women, and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should under no circumstances take the product. Male users should also follow the guidelines for dosage above and avoid taking over 1,000 mg/day for sexual capacity enhancementsafely and effectively.


Get to Know More about Butea Superba:

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