100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade)


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100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade)


Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract is for manufacturer who wishes to use our powder for their production, or wants to make their own formulation by adding our powder as an ingredient. It contains 100% Powder Extract.

Premium Grade Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract is the purest form of Butea Superba—a shrub native to Thailand believed to have numerous positive effects on men’s health and sexual vitality. Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract is a high-quality raw material that contains active compounds, including flavonoids, a group of plant molecules known to provide antioxidant health benefits.

The Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract is designed to be combined with other raw ingredients to produce food supplements, or added into your own recipes. The powder has been used to help create improvements in the following areas:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Personal Health Improvement
  • Hair and Skin Care
  • Libido Enhancement
  • Cosmetic Products

Butea Superba (or Red Kwao Krua) contains a variety of essential nutrients and Phytoandrogens, which provide many health benefits for men. Similar to other herbs, Butea Superba is one that experts recommend be used as a supplement, not ingested in its raw form. The powder can provide a number of health benefits when added to other products. For instance, mix the powder in with a meal, or a drink—it will maintain enough of its raw properties to provide its many benefits.


For filling into capsules or tablets form

Packing Details:

1 kg packed in a sealed plastic bag

Recommended Dosage:

It’s recommended not taking over or exceeding 1,000 mg or 1 gram daily. Just 400 mg – 800 mg is sufficient to see good results.

100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract1 Kg.$ 200$ 200
100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract5 Kg.$ 160$ 800
100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract10 Kg.$ 140$ 1,400
100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract15 Kg.$ 130$ 1,950
100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract20 Kg.$ 120$ 2,400
100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract25 Kg.$ 100$ 2,500
100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract50 Kg.$ 90$ 4,500
100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract75 Kg.$ 85$ 6,375
100% Butea Superba Herb Powder Extract100 Kg.$ 80$ 8,000

5 Reasons Men Should Use Our Premium Grade Butea Superba Powder:
Although many people know about Butea Superba’s ability to increase the male libido, the herb offers numerous other beneficial properties:

First, it promotes heart health. Butea Superba is rich in flavonoids and phytonutrients, which promote healthy cardiovascular function. In addition, the herb helps reduce the risk of heart disease and can control cholesterol levels. Another benefit includes its ability to balance hormones in the male body, which can increase strength and energy. For this benefit, the recommendation for men is no more than 100 mg. of Butea Superba per day.

Second, it stimulates hair growth. Men care about their appearance, and if they start to lose their hair, it can be devastating to their self-confidence. Butea Superba can stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair follicle to create a thicker, more lustrous head of hair, reducing embarrassment and helping a man regain his confidence. For this benefit, the recommendation for men is no more than 50 mg. of Butea Superba per day.

Third, it increases male libido. The most well-known property of the Butea Superba herb is its ability to enhance a man’s vitality and libido. Some refer to this herb as the “natural Viagra,” and because it is an herb, it is a safer alternative to the drug. Butea Superba boosts testosterone production, which increases the male libido and prevents erectile dysfunction. Most importantly, the herb promotes vasodilation around the penis, which increases sensitivity and ensures a more potent erection. The herb can stimulate male fertility, thus is often recommended as a supplement for men who are trying to get their partner pregnant. Men of all ages, young and old, can increase their sexual vitality by taking 200 mg. of Butea Superba per day.

Fourth, it supports bone health. Butea Superba supplements enable the bones to better absorb nutrients and store them for an extended period of time. This promotes good bone health. In order to take advantage of this benefit, the recommendation is for 100 mg. per day.

Fifth, it reduces inflammation. Because there are many active compounds and substances in Butea Superba Powder, it can heal inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, hemorrhoids, and more. Inflammation often leads to discomfort and other symptoms. However, with a dose of 100 mg. per day, men will gradually see improvements in their condition and energy levels.

Women can also take advantage of the benefits of Superba Powder, however, since the herb can affect hormone levels, it is not recommended for pregnant women. In addition, if you have allergies or a congenital disease, consult your doctor before you begin using the powder. Studies have shown no significant side effects in people who have used Butea Superba, and with technology and other scientific studies, more benefits of the herb are being discovered. Overseas, the market for Butea Superba Powder is booming. All over the world, people are realizing how this natural food supplement can increase their physical wellbeing and overall health.

Please note: the dosage for Butea Superba Powder should not exceed 1,000 mg. per day.


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