Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration)


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Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration)



Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type is for manufacturer who wishes to use our extract for cosmetic production or wants to make their cosmetic products by adding our extract as an ingredient. It can be made into different types of topical such as cream, spray, serum, gel and mask.


The liquid extract from Butea Superba is the Premium Grade with huge amounts of active compounds, for example flavonoids. These powerful flavonoids and other active compounds can help balance hormones, restore male sexual vitality and improve general health. Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type is proven effective and ready to mix with your choice of complimentary ingredients depending on the formula. It is recommended for any of the following product applications:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Personal Health Improvement
  • Hair and Skin Care
  • Libido Enhancement
  • Cosmetic Products


For manufacturing into cosmetic products

Packing Details:

1 liter and 5 liters, packed in a plastic drum

Recommended Dosage:

For extract liquid type, 4% – 10% will be efficient to see results.


For external use only

Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type1 liter$ 240$ 240
Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type5 liter$ 180$ 900
Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type10 liter$ 160$ 1,600
Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type15 liter$ 150$ 2,250
Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type20 liter$ 140$ 2,800
Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type25 liter$ 120$ 3,000
Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type50 liter$ 110$ 5,500
Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type75 liter$ 100$ 7,500
Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type100 liter$ 90$ 9,000

Butea Superba Liquid Extract Uses and Effects

Butea Superba has been used successfully in Asia for many years. Better known in Asia as Red Kwao Krua or Kwao Krua Dang, the herb is recognized for its ability to enhance male sexual health and virility. Specifically, the herb has earned a reputation for boosting testosterone production, an essential hormone associated with an active libido and male sexual performance. It’s known that men everywhere are searching for herbs and natural formulas that promote youthfulness and sexual vigor.

Adding Butea Superba Liquid Extract to an existing or future herbal product line will prove to be a marketing masterpiece. Even though Butea Superba Powder is popular with herbal formula manufacturers, Butea Superba Liquid Extract offers many unique advantages. Butea Superba Liquid Extract is especially useful in the cosmetic industry because the liquid extract can be easily mixed with other liquid ingredients. Using the liquid extract form of Butea Superba will result in higher quality cosmetic products, including gels, creams, sprays and serums. Butea Superba Liquid Extract promotes skin health, blood circulation and male virility.

Butea Superba Gel

Butea Superba gel is a natural herbal solution that has the power to enhance male sexual vigor and improve skin health. Butea Superba is a superb addition to any male health product ingredient list. Butea Superba Gel products effectively deliver essential nutritional compounds to the male sexual organ.

Massaging the penis with a Butea Superba gel on a regular basis will produce moist skin and rejuvenated skin cells. The end result is increased blood circulation, improved penal sensitivity and harder erections. The nutrients in Butea Superba gel also stimulate and strengthen muscle tissue in the penal region to promote longer lasting erections. A gel product containing our one-of-a-kind therapeutic liquid extract can also serve as a natural alternative remedy for men with erectile dysfunction, low libido or symptoms induced by hormone imbalances.

The natural nourishment provided by a Butea Superba gel allows health-conscious men throughout the world to avoid the harsh side-effects associated with traditional pharmaceutical remedies for erectile dysfunction. That’s why the demand for Butea Superba liquid extract has increased dramatically in recent years.

If you’re a herbal product manufacturer, Butea Superba Liquid Extract can add a host of benefits to any natural male sexual health formula. Adding just 4 – 10% of Butea Superba liquid extract to a gel formula can transform a male sexual health or cosmetic product. The worldwide marketing possibilities are endless.

Butea Superba Spray

A Butea Superba spray can also be employed to improve male sexual health. Butea Superba sprays are even easier to use, especially when you’re away from home or in a hurry. Spraying Butea Superba spray regularly in the penis area just twice daily can improve erections and relieve erectile dysfunction. You don’t even have to rinse off after using a Butea Superba spray. We recommend that you add 4 – 10% of Butea Superba Liquid Extract to your spray formula to create an effective male sexual health product. Cosmetic manufacturers interested in producing profitable men’s sexual health products should take note.

Premium Quality Products

Our Butea Superba Liquid Extract is a premium-quality product that offers extraordinary value to herbal supplement and cosmetic manufacturers. The active compounds found in Butea Superba Liquid Extract must be extracted from Butea Superba roots that have been cultivated and harvested in Thailand. The herb can only flourish in an ideal growing environment with a suitable range of temperatures. The herb must contain a therapeutic level of nutrients and active compounds to be considered effective. Only then can the liquid extract be recommended to manufacturers in need of premium-grade raw materials.

Not only should herbal product manufacturers ensure that the Butea Superba herb was grown under ideal conditions, the herb must be cultivated in a manner that meets the highest possible standards. Make sure that you verify the source and quality of all raw materials prior to purchasing ingredients for your natural herbal products.
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