Butea Superba Sliced Sheet (Premium Grade)


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Butea Superba Sliced Sheet (Premium Grade)


Butea Superba Sliced Sheet is for manufacturer who wishes to use our Butea Superba as food additives or for cooking and boiling by adding the sliced sheet as an ingredient. Sliced Sheet has been dried with skin peel off.


The fineness sliced sheet of Butea Superba is Premium Grade Butea Superba Sliced Sheet. The huge amounts of active compounds, for example flavonoids, are found in these sheets. It can be used in the production of food supplements or added to other substances depending on the formula of finished products such as:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Personal Health Improvement
  • Hair and Skin Care
  • Libido Enhancement
  • Cosmetic Products


For adding into food or other substances depending on the formula

Packaging Details:

1 kg packed in a sealed plastic bag

Butea Superba Sliced Sheet1 Kg.$ 150$ 200
Butea Superba Sliced Sheet5 Kg.$ 130$ 800
Butea Superba Sliced Sheet10 Kg.$ 120$ 1,400
Butea Superba Sliced Sheet15 Kg.$ 110$ 1,950
Butea Superba Sliced Sheet20 Kg.$ 100$ 2,400
Butea Superba Sliced Sheet25 Kg.$ 90$ 2,500
Butea Superba Sliced Sheet50 Kg.$ 85$ 4,500
Butea Superba Sliced Sheet75 Kg.$ 80$ 6,375
Butea Superba Sliced Sheet100 Kg.$ 75$ 8,000

* For more order quantity, please contact cs@sardi-190-pueraria-mirifica.com


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