Instant 100% Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade)


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Instant 100% Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade)


The Premium Grade Instant 100% Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica Herb Powder Extract is a pack of powder for personal use purpose. It is made from Sardi 190, a unique kind of Pueraria Mirifica, which offers the largest amount of active compounds and the finest quality. You only need to add the powder into your daily food or favorite beverages, and the edibles are ready for consumption.


The Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica Herb Powder Extract can also be used for encapsulation and in the manufacturing processes of finished products as followings:

  • Hair and Skin Care
    • Vaginal Care and Rejuvenation
    • Libido Enhancement
    • Breast Enhancement and Rejuvenation
    • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
    • Health Improvement


For personal intake or filling into capsules or tablets form

Packing Details:

100 g packed in a sealed plastic bag

Recommended Dosage:

It’s recommended not taking over or exceeding 1,000 mg or 1 gram daily. Just 400 mg – 800 mg is sufficient to see good results.

Instant 100% Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica Herb Powder Extract100 g$ 50$ 50
Instant 100% Sardi 190 Pueraria Mirifica Herb Powder Extract200 g$ 45$ 90

Distinctive Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica:

Pueraria Mirifica has a huge range of health benefits, allowing both women and men who take the supplement to give their body a much younger appearance. The herb is high in phytoestrogens and nutrients, which helps to improve many health issues faced by aging shortly after regular use. With this premium grade herb being offered in powder form, it has never been easier to take this amazing health supplement. It mixes with little effort into both drinks and meals and feels much more natural than having to take the herb in tablet form. Read on to discover some of the amazing properties that Pueraria Mirifica can offer:

  • Youthfulness and Healthiness

Pueraria Mirifica can rejuvenate and make users feel much more younger as the supplement will help to slow down the natural aging process that occurs in the human body. Those who are going through their menopause can use Pueraria Mirifica as a natural hormone replacement. Shortly after taking the herb you can see improvements to symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue and depression that are often linked to the process of the menopause. Both men and women can use the supplement to increase bone health as it can stimulate calcium production and prolong calcium storage. Not only will it result in strong healthy bones but also can reduce the risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis, which are often brought about by calcium deficiency.

  • Skin Nourishment 

Through boosting estrogen levels, Pueraria Mirifica can have a significanteffect on skin health along withhelping prevent a number of skin problems. The herb can provide essential nutrients the skin needs to promote general skin health, helping achieve firm and supple skin along with a radiant skin tone. After regular usage common issues with skin health such as dryness, loose skin, rashes, uneven skin tone and sagginess of the skin will also start to improve. Even those who don’t suffer from skin problems might be surprised by the difference that having healthier skin can bring, those with bad skin health can often look much older than they really are. Through daily usage of Pueraria Mirifica your skin will be healthier than ever before.

  • Anti-wrinkling Effect

Another huge benefit of taking Pueraria Mirifica is for its highamount of phytoestrogens, hormones similar to natural estrogens that are produced in the human body. As the body gets older it produces less of these estrogens resulting in usual aging signs such as wrinkles, dark spots, laugh lines and droopy eyelids. By taking Pueraria Mirifica you can help replace the lack of these compounds and get rid of such signs of aging, looking young once again.


  • Breast Improvement

Many women and transgender people use Pueraria Mirifica for one of its astounding properties of promoting breast growth. The herb contains a high amount of estrogenic compounds that can help to produce bigger and firmer breasts. Many use this natural breast-enlarging product as an alternative to breast implants, which can often be risky and cost much more for similar results. As a natural risk-free alternative, daily usage of Pueraria Mirificawill help make your breasts even more beautiful and healthier, giving you the body you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Hair Care

Pueraria Mirifica is a perfect source of essential nutrients for strong and healthy hair, preventing hair loss and hair breakage that so many people suffer from. Not only does the herb strengthen both the hair and scalp, it also helps with hair growth and slows down the natural graying process, giving your hair a youthful shine.

  • Vision Improvement

Yet another of the amazing properties of Pueraria Mirifica, the herb can also improve your vision and eye health. As we get older the need for extra nutrients becomes more and more essential for healthy eyes and preventing eyesight problems. Pueraria Mirific can help provide these nutrients and slow down the cell degeneration in the eyes. The supplement can help both young and elderly people by improving eye health and preventing eyesight problems and diseases. In a number of cases, users of the herb will notice they can perform daily activities without needing to use glasses all the time.

  • Memory Improvement

Pueraria Mirifica contains a highly potent phytoestrogen called miroestrol, one of the key compounds to improve brain function. Not only can it help to sharpen a person’s memory, it also reduces the risk of several neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and strokes. Taking the supplement will also slow down the natural impairment of the brain function, which occurswhen each person gets older.

  • Strength and Energy Enhancement

A lesser-known property of Pueraria Mirifica is the ability to increase a person’s strength and energy. Both the young and elderly can use the herb as a supplement for essential nutrients and phytoestrogens, helping to promote muscle strength and vigor. While chemically produced supplements can potentially cause harmful side effects, Pueraria Mirifica is a much safer choice that can offer the same benefits in increasing strength and vitality without the need to worry.

  • Blood Improvement

While Pueraria Mirifica is often known for its amazing abilities to make a person look and feel younger, the herb also has additional benefits to improving functions inside the body as well. One of these includes improving the circulatory system and blood flow. Through decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol levels and improving the circulation of the blood, using Pueraria Mirifica will help achieve a healthy heart and organs. The herb can have a great effect on improving the efficiency of organ functions by helping to improve the blood flow. Although such results will depend on a range of health factors such as a person’s weight and age, improvements in various health conditions can be seen after using the supplement for around a month.

  • Appetite Inducement in the Elderly

Elderly people often suffer from a lack of appetite and problems with their digestive system. This is mostly due to the aging of our body system and subsequent decline in bodily functions. Pueraria Mirifica can aid with increasing the appetite and stimulate digestive functions. An increased appetite means more nutrients and minerals going into the body and therefore increasing general health conditions. Pueraria Mirifica is a great supplement to help elderly people in not only looking younger but also feeling younger and prolonging a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sleeping Quality Improvement

Getting the right amount of sleep each night can have a huge effect on a person’s health and well-being. Insomnia and night sweats are often caused by an imbalance in a person’s hormone levels, in particular with estrogens. Containing a high amount of estrogenic compounds, Pueraria Mirifica can help balance these levels helping to achieve a great night’s sleep and improve sleep quality. Taking the supplement daily can help you wake up feeling refreshed instead of being sleepy and groggy in the morning.

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