Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration)


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Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration)
Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Extract in Liquid Type is for manufacturer who wishes to use our extract for cosmetic production or wants to make their cosmetic products by adding our extract as an ingredient. It can be made into different types of topical such as cream, spray, serum, gel, and mask.
Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Extract in Liquid Type is for creating health and beauty care solutions. It is the Premium Grade version that mixes easily with other ingredients, and it offers the high level of quality and active compounds. Since it is designed specifically for manufacturing purposes, you can mix it with other ingredients to create formulas that generate benefits. Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Extract in Liquid Type is ideal for including in the manufacturing processes of final products such as these:• Hair and Skin Care
• Vaginal Care and Rejuvenation
• Libido Enhancement
• Breast Enhancement and Rejuvenation
• Skin Creams, Lotions and Other Beauty-enhancing Cosmetics
• Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
• Health Improvement
For manufacturing into cosmetic products
Packing Details:
1 liter and 5 liters, packed in a plastic drum
Recommended Dosage:
For extract liquid type, 4% – 10% will be efficient to see results.
For external use only

Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract1 liter$ 240$ 240
Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract5 liter$ 180$ 900
Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract10 liter$ 160$ 1,600
Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract15 liter$ 150$ 2,250
Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract20 liter$ 140$ 2,800
Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract25 liter$ 120$ 3,000
Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract50 liter$ 110$ 5,500
Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract75 liter$ 100$ 7,500
Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract100 liter$ 90$ 9,000

The Uses For Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract:
In recent years, the demand for products made using Pueraria Mirifica as an ingredient has skyrocketed since the news about its amazing properties for stimulating rejuvenation throughout the body has become widespread. For this reason, we have produced many different forms of Pueraria Mirifica to fit the varying needs of people who love the benefits offered by this natural plant.

In addition to the powder type, Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract is another variety that manufacturing professionals from all over the world clamor to get included in their formulas, and it has especially powerful benefits for use in the body care and cosmetics industry. Since it mixes so well with other ingredients, you can use the liquid extract in lotions, gels, creams, serums, sprays, masks and lotions. However, you should also know that the most popular use for Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract is in breast enlargement cream.

How Pueraria Mirifica Works in Breast Enhancement Cream:
Pueraria Mirifica is one of the most effective natural ingredients to use in the production of breast enhancing cream because it is high in phytoestrogens and nutrients that are critical for the growth of breast tissue. The herb contains multiple phytoestrogens, including miroestrol, genistin, daidzein, puerarin, daidzin, and genistein that all work similarly to how natural estrogen types work in women’s bodies. Each of these phytoestrogens are effective for altering health conditions by rejuvenating the tissue and glands within the breast.

As the estrogenic compounds do their work to stimulate growth in the breast tissue, women begin to enjoy seeing their breasts take on a more beautiful appearance. For this reason, Pueraria Mirifica has become a safer way for women to get the breasts they want without having to deal with the risks associated with breast implants. Instead of going under the knife, all women have to do is massage the breast enhancement cream into their breasts regularly to stimulate natural growth processes. You will also love knowing that only 5 to 10 percent of the Pueraria Mirifica liquid extract is required to produce breast enhancement cream according to your own formula.

Creating Facial Care Products:
The anti-aging effects of Pueraria Mirifica Liquid Extract also make it perfect for using in facial care products. The ideal types of facial care products that you use the extract in should focus on providing nourishment to the facial skin so that youthful features begin to reappear. Night creams, day creams, facial masks and serums along with eye gels are just a few of the products for which Pueraria Mirifica are perfect for including in the formula. When you use the liquid extract for cosmetic manufacturing, we recommend using an amount that falls between two to four percent of the formula.

Incorporating Pueraria Mirifica Into Vaginal Care Products:
With so many benefits, people sometimes forget about the powerful ability of Pueraria Mirifica to add moisture and firmness to the vaginal walls and tissues so that women are finally relieved of painful dryness that interferes with intercourse. The liquid extract is ideal for including in products such as vaginal serums that require all of the ingredients to seamlessly blend together for a smoother application. For women who suffer from menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness and looseness, this product is a necessity. When you mix just one percent of Pueraria Mirifica liquid extract in with the other ingredients, you can develop an effective vaginal care product that keeps women returning for more.

Right now, research is being done to develop edible products using Pueraria Mirifica liquid extract. This will give manufacturers even more options for using it as an ingredient in beverages and daily health care supplements. Now, we can all look forward to people being able to drink this liquid directly to promote better overall health. Therefore, you can enjoy knowing that Pueraria Mirifca liquid extract has quality properties that enhance any product that you manufacture.


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